Wesfarmers and The Australian Red Cross Blood Service


During 2019, Wesfarmers and its businesses proudly participated in the life-saving Australian Red Cross Blood Service Red25 program. Red25 facilitates workplace, university and community group participation in the vital service of saving lives through blood donation.

It is estimated that one in every three Australians will need blood in their lifetime. Developing a sustainable blood supply is important to support those affected by cancer, illness, undergoing surgery and numerous other medical conditions.

A single donation can save up to three lives, meaning the 470,000 donations received by Red25 during the year impacted the lives of over 1.4 million Australians and contributed nearly a third of Australia’s overall blood supply.

Wesfarmers team members contributed 3,082 donations meaning that Wesfarmers and its businesses were able to have an impact on over 9,200 lives. This significant contribution from the Group ranks Wesfarmers among the top 15 groups nationally.