Tarpaulin Rosette

alex-seton---tarpaulin-rosette-(front-view).jpg (2)

Alex Seton, 2016

Bianco Carrara marble, stainless steel 34 x 42 x 50 cm

Alex Seton’s work is informed by the traditional of classical statuary, but the artist uses the skills and styles of the past to communicate very contemporary ideas and objects.  Created from a single block of marble, this piece distils both the texture and the idea of tarpaulin in a labyrinthine complex of folds.  The work touches on the nature of tarpaulins as items used for shelter – a theme with particular currency today, whether we think of homelessness or global migration.  Tarpaulins are practical, tough, rough-and-ready, and Seton expresses that idea by leaving clear tool marks across the surfaces of the work – yet the piece also has a beguiling fluidity and intimate degree of detail. A coming together of technical skill and precision with a surprisingly elegant form that all of us can recognise and relate to.