Workwear diverts 400,000 garments from landfill


Workwear Group partners with Suez Resource Co.(RSC) to recycle clothing into an alternative fuel source.

Workwear Group (WWG) manufacture over seven million products each year shipping globally to over 30 countries. Workwear Group creates both bespoke and catalogue corporate uniforms for some of Australia’s leading organisations. WWG provide end to end solutions to manage every phase in its partners' workwear cycle and during the year it expanded its service to support its clients to divert end-of-life' garments from landfill. 

Keen to incorporate a close loop or ‘complete product lifecycle’ approach to their end-to-end supply chain, WWG started with researching and mapping out sustainable reverse supply chain pathways for waste. One of the pathways was through Suez Resource Co.(SRC), which has a Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) plant in South Australia that can recycle clothing into an alternative fuel source.

Together the pair have successfully completed a trial to divert 400,000 garments from landfill, by processing end-of-life garments into PEF, which is supplied to Adelaide Brighton Cement (ABC) Ltd. ABC use PEF to fire its kiln in one of the processes, converting limestone into cement. ABC’s target is to increase its use of process engineered fuel to 30 per cent of its kiln fuel requirement. PEF produces less greenhouse gas emissions than gas, and is more economical.