The King Is Dead

the-king-is-dead.jpg (1)

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, 2015

stained wood and bronze  30.0 x 50.0 x 50.0cm
The Wesfarmers Collection, Perth
© Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, reproduced courtesy of the artist

 The King Is Dead looks at the idea of eulogising a cycle of ascendancy whether in life or art. I wanted to represent the act of winning and losing in a single object, positing the act itself as a catalyst for change that in essence stays the same. The bronze crown has been shot with a .44 calibre bullet, creating a very neat entry point and a violently ruptured exit. The wooden cushion is intended to create the illusion of something soft and luxurious that is actually static and sealed into history.”  Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah lives and works in Perth and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Curtin University. His work, which explores definitions of identity and belonging, emerges from his Muslim heritage that is both seventh-generation Australian and Malay.

Abdullah’s sculptural works often feature figures, animals and home furnishings which display his trademark meticulous and refined technical skills. He uses materials such as cast resin, timber and acrylic, augmented by found domestic objects including carpets, chandeliers and ceiling roses.