Contributing to the economy

Managing Director on contributing to the economy video transcript

Businesses large and small are such a critical part of the community to which we live in and driving the economy. Of course we have a great story to tell. At Wesfarmers we employ 220,000 people and pay between $8-9 billion a year in wages and salaries.

Last year we paid $45 billion dollars to our suppliers and that enables a whole lot of people to be employed in the community. We paid over $1 billion in taxes last year. We invested a couple of billion dollars back in the company to grow and again they provide jobs and business opportunities for other businesses.

We also contributed over $110 million to various community organisations that our businesses support.

We are employing more women in management roles. Not enough, but we are making good progress. We also have a 20 per cent increase in the number of Aboriginal employees in the group.

I think Wesfarmers can be proud of the work we do across the community and I think businesses need to articulate to the community just how important it is that we grow and that we are profitable and that we can make investments and take risks.